Live Oak Dental Group

A Message From Dr. Hardt (Part 2) Continued From April 27th

I was just looking at the new logo on Facebook and the Website; I like it. 

The piece that jumps off the page today is the image of the root system at the base of the logo. I was remembering that while my wife and I were living in California Hot Springs, the acorns would fall in massive quantities in Autumn.  I would do my best to clean them up, but invariably, some of those little guys would get a root started and I’d find a small little tree.  When I went to pull the little plant out of the planter, I found it difficult because the tap root would be many times longer than the little tree itself. It was fascinating to me, and I found great meaning in this sight, as this tiny little tender tree had spent most of its new energy in the root system.  I can only imagine how extensive that root system must be in a fully mature Oak tree.

I then take that image and imagine how it would translate to our new logo. To me, it represents the qualities of healthy relationships. The foundational principle in any good relationship is trust. That would represent the main tap root. As I write this, I cringe at the cliché’ of the sound of that.  I’ve seen it so many times on countless ads for everything from groceries to used cars.  “You can TRUST us!” In my opinion, trust is earned…  The rest of the root system represents, to me, the qualities that foster trust.  Love and tolerance are a must.  Patience, kindness, and a good sense of humor are the icing on the proverbial cake.  The qualities that stand out to me as the main contributors to trust are transparency, integrity, and honesty.  A willingness to own our mistakes (Humility) and stand behind what we do is crucial.  All these things woven together into a beautiful tapestry, are the blanket that warms a relationship into a long-term friendship and or work relationship, ultimately supporting a beautiful canopy of service and shelter. 

Live Oaks, as I’ve said before, are practically timeless.  They survive all kinds of weather and drought and stay green throughout, no matter what.  The more of life they endure, the more beauty shows in their branches.

Now you know why there are roots in our logo.  Without the meaning behind it, it’s just another picture.