Live Oak Dental Group

A Message From Dr. Hardt (Part 1)

A lot has happened since my friend has passed.  I still miss him daily.

My mind swims with how to move forward.  The one thing that’s clear is that I can’t do it alone.

I am realizing now, even as this journey develops before my eyes, that I am no longer a sole provider.

I have become we. 

As I consider the implications of all this, my photographer’s mind starts developing visuals of how we’ll represent this new entity. 

Instantly I think of the picture that’s hung in the reception area of my home office.  It’s an oak tree.  They’re ever reaching, ever growing, ever sheltering those who seek refuge under their canopies.   It’s a perfect visual for me. 

As I continue to ponder this theme, it’s character seems to embody what I want this group to become.

Oak trees are strong.  They weather all seasons, with great grace.  The seasons of life only seem to deepen they’re beauty.  They survive long periods of drought and never falter.

Much like the plaque that we’re placing beside the door at the Lewis building, I want this new representation to be a mantra, a visual touchstone to guide us in the day to day journey of the development of this group. 

Oak tree dental?  No.  Oak dental?  No.  Live Oak Dental?  That could work.  Live oaks never lose their leaves.  No matter the weather, no matter the season, they stay green.

Live Oak Dental.  Feels strange and new.  I miss Steve.  I wonder what he would think. 

To be continued.