Live Oak Dental Group

Office Covid Update

It’s hard not to be a little concerned with all that’s happening in our world today regarding health and security.

What I’m wanting to do today is to offer some words of comfort.

Even though they’re just words, I believe how we think and see our current situation, can affect our feelings of comfort greatly.  Whether it’s the corona virus now, or whatever the next virus will be, there will always be something to fear.

My tendency is to go into my thoughts and obsess.  I can very easily go into a grand case of the what if’s and what will I do’s. 

The problem with that behavior pattern, is that it perpetuates more fear and more pain.  We miss what’s going on around us and go into our heads in an effort to worry the situation enough that we’ll somehow control it.

There are things that we can control, but it requires our present attention to do it.

If I’m lost in my head, will I think to take care of myself in a random situation that might otherwise go unnoticed?  Will I see that car about to run the intersection, or the pedestrian stepping in front of me while looking at their phone?

Will I miss that still small voice of intuition that could guide me into good awareness and decisions?

That small voice of reason, seems to only work for me when I’m in the present moment.

Is it that way for you too?

What can I do, to minimize my exposure to health risk?

  • Get good rest
  • Stay adequately hydrated
  • Practice good, regular hygiene
  • Put healthy things in my body and minimize the bad. 
  • Try to maximize my good thoughts and minimized the fear based, Bad Ones.
  • Talk about my fears with someone who is solution oriented. 
  • Pay attention to my surroundings and act accordingly.

In short, what I’m talking about is exercising a certain amount of faith. 

I have faith that tomorrow will take care of itself, if I stay in today…. If I take good care of my self today.

In looking back at all the painful things that I’ve weathered in my life, I realized that each one of those circumstances left me with more wisdom, more maturity, more patience than I had before the event.  That equals more comfort emotionally.  While I’d never wish to have gone through those things, I believe that they ALL have value in making us better, stronger, more peaceful people if we’re looking for the lessons, and willing to grow. 

As a Christian, I could go on to describe my belief system, but those conversations are better had face to face with those who ask me directly.

Here is my opinion.

This too shall pass.  It’s going to be OK.  I hope to God that the losses we suffer are small and manageable, but I have faith that, with the help of my amazing community, we will arrive on the other side, wiser, more capable people than we are today.

May God bless you and yours, and I’ll look forward to seeing you soon.

Dr. Hardt